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How do I enter my own seed?

The text box is a little dodgy on some resolutions. Vaguely clicking to the left of the "Play" button should select it. You can then type your seed and click "Play".

thank you 

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the swedish word for Death is pretty cool " Död "  try it ,   + Try 19473    it sounds like a real song! Sry for all the songs but " Mega Dump Man" is just too good

09375 sounds like a cry for help

Huh, very dramatic. I like that one. Haven't used Beatroot for ages.

"qwertyuiop" is pretty cool. 

Thanks! This one sounds like the theme for a space opera to me

Um, so seed "NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN" (297970094) & "EIN NEIN NEIN NEIN" are silent. This seed is the only silent one I've found (its neighbours are pretty cool though).

"NE NEIN NEIN NEIN" & "NEI NEIN NEIN NEIN" are actually pretty nice tunes, though.

And "HOW ABOUT A LITTLE JAZZ" (868837680) is most definitely not jazzy. "how about a little jazz" is more of a Castlevania battle theme than anything.

Wow, well done! I wondered whether any seeds were broken. And aw, "HOW ABOUT A LITTLE JAZZ" is in Chromatic Scale - that's not meant to be in there.

I think I like "NEI NEIN NEIN NEIN" best, although "how about a little jazz" is quite good too :)


Also, this is pretty neat. A way to export the midis would be super swell.

Thanks! I would've liked to generate MIDI files (the instruments would sound much better), but getting them working in Unity was going to be too hard. If I ever use Beatroot in a proper game, I'll probably give it another try.